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Fentanyl Addiction Treatment


Similar in its effect to morphine- Fentanyl is one of the most powerful narcotic pain medication used for medical purposes. Just like other powerful pain medications (hydrocodone, oxycontin) Fentanyl is also an opiate in nature and is used in most of the hospitals around the world to relieve patient suffering from severe pain. The pain killing properties of Fentanyl are so strong that it is used to block the ‘breakthrough’ pain that most cancer patient suffer and which is quite impossible to control by other type of medications.

Medically, Fentanyl is available under the names of actiq, sublimaze and duragesic in prescription drug forms. However, Fentanyl is also a famously abused and misused drug and is popularly sold under street names like china white, murder 8, dance fever, tango and many more. Usually when prescribed by a certified doctor, Fentanyl is administered as a transdermal patch, lozenge form or as an injection. However , when an addict uses Fentanyl for recreational purposes it is taken in combination with heroin or cocaine too amplify its effect and the Fentanyl patches are typically cut and eaten or the gel which is inside the patch is smoked.

Fentanyl Addiction

Fentanyl is a potent drug and must always be used under the strict instructions and recommendations of a certified physician. The potency of Fentanyl can be understood with the simple fact that it can only be administered with proper registration and documentation, under special programs like REMS, FOCUS and Fentora.

Fentanyl Addiction Signs and Symptoms

In case you have fears that a loved one is a victim to Fentanyl addiction, than he needs immediate help. You can look out for several key signs and symptoms that a typical Fentanyl addict will show. Take a look at these symptoms and raise an alarm if you see them in a loved one. These signs and symptoms include:

  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Swelling in hands and feet
  • Cold and clammy hands
  • Chills and fever
  • Dazed out or confused appearance
  • Anorexia
  • Weak or shallow breathing
  • Increased palpitation
  • Feeling tired and weak most of the time
  • Extreme dizziness and drowsiness

In extreme drug addiction cases, the patient can even be unconsciousness and in worst cases slip into a state of coma.

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment- Why it is Necessary

Fentanyl addiction will definitely affect your life in ways that will lead to only destruction. In severe cases it can lead to serious medical conditions like respiratory depression, weakened immunity, hallucinations, paranoia, mental depression, personality shift and even death. Socially, it can destroy your happy family life leaving behind stressed and broken relationships with your closed ones. This is why addiction treatment for Fentanyl is mandatory if you want your life to get back to normal.

If you have a loved one who needs immediate help for the treatment of Fentanyl or Vicodin abuse than we can help you in choosing the best addiction recovery program for your needs. We are available 24/7 to take your call.

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