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Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is an affliction that hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer from.  Heroin affects people from all walks of life, from the wealthy to the homeless.  With so many Americans suffering from addiction and all of the risks associated with this particular form of drug abuse, this is one of the most dangerous diseases facing our country today.

Dangers of Heroin Abuse

Heroin is a narcotic derived from poppies, and is very closely related to opium and morphine.  While morphine has legitimate medical uses and is a highly regulated and controlled substance, such is not the case with heroin.  Whereas morphine is synthesized in a controlled environment by medical professionals, heroin is often made in unsanitary and unsafe conditions, with many contaminants used to “cut” the final product.

As if heroin were not a dangerous enough drug in the first place, users can potentially be exposed to all sorts of impurities used to stretch the amount of heroin the producers have.  One of these impurities, quinine, is especially dangerous, with some studies suggesting that a significant portion of all heroin overdoses are actually a result of quinine poisoning.

Because of the above concerns, those suffering from addiction must deal with the reality that they can never be sure of the purity of the heroin they are consuming, and thus are always at the risk of a heroin overdose.  When accustomed to consuming heroin of a lesser quality, addicts can easily overdose by taking too much when they receive a purer sample of heroin.

In addition to the concerns of overdose, there is the significant risk of contracting diseases through intravenous drug use.  Such diseases include HIV and hepatitis.  The Drug Policy Alliance reported that up to 75% of all new HIV and AIDS cases occurred either directly or indirectly through heroin use.

Getting Help for Heroin Addiction

Though heroin addiction is an alarming trend in the U.S., there is hope for those suffering from this terrible disease.  There are many programs to help those in need all across the country.  These drug treatment options include heroin detox, heroin rehab (both inpatient and outpatient heroin rehab), and sober living or transitional living homes for those who have successfully completed a  heroin rehab program.

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