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Percocet Rehab

What is Percocet?

Percocet is a prescription drug used to treat pain.  The development of Percocet was a large advance for the treatment of acute pain and inflammation, as it combines a narcotic, oxycodone, with an anti-inflammatory, acetaminophen (better known as Tylenol). The combination of these two drugs into one pill has been very beneficial to many people the world over.  Unfortunately, as is the case with many drugs, especially pain relievers, some people have begun to abuse this powerful medication.

How Can You Tell if Your Loved One is Abusing Percocet?

Anyone using a narcotic is at risk for addiction.  Even with relatively short periods of use (2-3 weeks), addiction is a real risk. Oftentimes, addiction starts innocently enough, such as using a prescription for Percocet following surgery for pain relief.  Sometimes doctors do not monitor their patients closely enough, and end up prescribing Percocet for a longer period of time than the patient needs, leading to a dependence and eventual addiction to Percocet.  Other times, Percocet addiction sets in quickly, and patients will begin lying to their doctor about pain in order to acquire more Percocet.

There are certain warning signs that you or your loved one may be addicted to Percocet.  If your loved one begins lying to you and being evasive about their use of Percocet, this should be a big warning sign.  If they continue to ask for and borrow money, or if you notice money missing, then this is also a sign that your loved one may be suffering from drug addiction.

Percocet Rehab

There are many options for combating Percocet addiction.  The first option is Percocet rehab detox.  During detox, the person suffering from addiction is weaned off of Percocet under the care of a medical professional in a controlled environment.  This is important, as complications can occur if one were to quit “cold-turkey,” not to mention the extreme discomfort that can occur with detox.  With a trained staff on hand, Percocet detox can be a relatively comfortable experience.

After detox, there are both inpatient and outpatient rehab programs available to assist you in staying off of Percocet and learning coping strategies for a life free of Percocet.  After successfully completing a prescription drug rehab program, there are sober living homes (also known as transitional living) to help you readjust to a life clean and free of Percocet.

Percocet addiction is a very serious problem, and is one which should not be ignored.  With the high risk of overdose and drug interactions associated with Percocet addiction, you should never wait to get help for you or your loved one.

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