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Hydrococet Addiction

Hydrococet is a narcotic drug that is usually prescribed for the treatment of severe pain that may be caused by an injury or a disease. This drug is famously known under the street name of norco and hydro by dealers. Hydrococet addiction begins when an individual starts taking this prescription drug without the proper recommendation of a doctor. Because hydrococet is an opiate in nature, it has the potential of being addictive. The opiate in the medication attaches itself to the receptors in the brain and gives the user a feeling of being high or in a state of euphoria. If a person increases his dose and take it regularly against the recommendation of the doctor then the brain and the body becomes addicted to drug and in medical terms the person is actually abusing the drug. Once the abuse begins, the person may need to go to a prescription drug rehab to get off of the drug.

Hydrococet Abuse Statistics

According to a survey done in by the American Institute of Poison Control Center, in 2009 alone more than 27,000 people underwent rehab treatment for the abuse and misuse of hydrococet. Apart from this statistical data, the National survey on Drug Use and Health found that the abuse or misuse of hydrococet was found in over 23 million people over the age of 12. Hydrococet was used by people under its generic name Hydrocodone, hydrococet or under popular street names like norco, lortab and vicodin.

Hydrococet Addiction and Symptoms

The abuse of a prescription drug that is also narcotic in nature will surely cause a change in a person’ s behavior. However, these changes are not always easy to spot but there are certain symptoms that are glaringly obvious and you can look out for them in case you doubt that a loved one is abusing or misusing hydrococet.

  • Isolating himself from family and spending time alone
    Spending money quickly and unnaturally fast
  • Having severe mood swings
  • Having a dazed out or confused appearance and finding it difficult to focus on anything
  • A sudden and unusual change in social activities
  • Having strong cravings for hydrococet and focusing more and more time and money on requesting refills for the drug

Avoiding Hydrococet Addiction and Overdose

One needs to remember that addiction be it hydorcocet or any other prescription drug is extremely dangerous. It does not just have the potential to destroy a life but also take it. A person who is abusing Hydrococet is always in danger of taking an overdose that can be fatal and in extreme cases can also cause coma or death. When a person suffers overdose he will experience certain symptoms that you can check for like: drowsiness, bluish tinge on the lips, fingertips and skin, heavy sweating, difficulty in breathing, shrunken pupil, extreme dizziness, low blood pressure and slow heartbeat.

When a person seems to suffering from these symptoms he needs immediate medical attention.

Hydrococet Abuse Programs

Getting rid of the addiction is the only way to get back on a life that is normal and healthy. There are both outpatient and inpatient hydrococet abuse programs available to patients who are looking to get back on the road to recovery.


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