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Sober Living

Admitting and then getting help for a drug addiction is surely a step in the right direction. However, your long journey towards a happy and healthy life is just beginning even if you have just completed a successful drug rehab program. You need to remember that while in a treatment program you were in an environment that is carefully planned and designed to keep addicts free from anything that may cause them to go back to their old habits. That is why once they are out of these programs and in the regular outside world they are not prepared to deal with all the temptations that are available at every turn and corner. Surviving in a sober world without a proper sober living plan in place is not easy.

Advantages of a Sober Living Programs and Environments

In order to function properly, most of the recovering drug detox and drug abuse patients need to get into a proper sober living environment immediately after treatment. A sober living environment or a program can be defined as a bridge between the patient’s former live and the treatment center. Initially, these sober living environments offered a secure and supportive haven for recovering drug users. These sober living programs and environments are structured and designed to offer an individual a normal living environment that is free from old temptations.

A sober living house is a space that offer a patient a positive drug and alcohol free zone that is affordable and surrounded by people who are recovering from an addiction and offer support and courage to each other. These sober living houses give each resident and individualized recovery plan which help them to become self supportive.

Moreover, these sober living programs and houses do not over protect the residents from the reality of the outside world. Usually the residents of the sober, living houses must be able to support themselves like purchase food for them and pay their rent. They are also required to have a job or must be actively seeking work.  This way these sober living programs and houses allow recovering addicts to lead a normal world outside a treatment center just in a controlled manner.  Usually, patients enrolled in these programs are required to attend a minimum number of 12-step meetings each week like narcotic anonymous, cocaine anonymous or alcohol anonymous.

How to Maintain Sobriety after a Sober Living Program

In order to have a clean, sober and healthy life it is extremely necessary that you take the right aftercare plan after the end of your sober living program.

  • First and foremost it is necessary that you enroll in a 12-step program at least three times a week.  Being in touch with a support group will help you interact with people who will understand your troubles and support as well as encourage you in your recovery as they have faced what you have gone through themselves.
  • Take a sponsor and talk to him as often as possible. A sponsor will mentor you and guide you through your trouble.

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