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Relapse Prevention

Getting clean and sober after a long stint of drug addiction is a dream that every recovering drug addict has. However, just getting into the right drug rehab program and successfully managing to complete the time period there, is not the only way to a healthy life. Avoiding a relapse is also critically important.

Planning relapse prevention is an extremely important part in the whole drug recovery program as it assures that the drug addict does not return to his old dangerous habit of using drugs or alcohol. Before getting into a relapse prevention plan it is extremely important to understand what relapse actually means. Relapse can be defined as a stage where a person who has been clean off drugs or alcohol for a period of time starts using it again. Relapse can occur in the form of a brief oneā€”time lapse or a heavy binge that involves huge amount of drug or alcohol use. However, even if you have indulged in a brief period of relapse it does not mean that you cannot get back on the road to recovery. Most of the drug rehab programs also include a relapse prevention plan in their recovery program.

Advice for Preventing Relapse

The first and the most important thing that you need to do in order to avoid a relapse is to understand the situations and factors that may act as catalyst in causing a relapse. Some potential risky situations that may be a contributing factor in causing a relapse are:

  • Peer or Social Pressure: Social or peer pressure includes both the verbal and the non verbal kind of push that a newly sober addict feels when he enters into his usual social circles again. This may include being around friends who are drinking or using drugs or may be more direct like friends teasing you about being clean.
  • Mental Vulnerability: Most of the time, having mental and emotional issues like depression, anger, boredom or anxiety are the biggest causes of relapse and highly risky for a recovering drug addict.
  • Positive situations or Celebratory Occasions: This may be surprising but it is often true that sometimes a celebration like a wedding party, graduation party or a sporting event where drugs and drinking are present can push a patient towards a relapse.

Avoiding Relapse

  • Deal with your negative mental issues one day at a time. Being healthy in the body requires you to be healthy in the mind as well. That is why it is extremely necessary that you deal with your negative emotions head on instead of ignoring them letting them build inside you until they become overwhelming.
  • Fill your life with hobbies and activities that not only fill your time but also give you real pleasure. This will help you maintain balance in your life and help you deal with the occasional cravings in a relaxing and happy manner.
  • Maintain a healthy, regular and happy relationship with your family and friends. You can also join a support group or a counselor. These options work as the best kind of safety net to help you keep away from relapse.

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